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What Are Germicidal Lights And How Do They Work?

A germicidal light is a kind of light that produces UVC (ultraviolet C) light which helps to sterilise and disinfect by killing microorganisms.

The UVC light deactivates bacteria and viruses, therefore destroying them and leaving them unable to multiply and spread. This is a non-chemical approach to sanitation and can be used in many different environments to sterilise and disinfect airflow.

UVC lights can also be used on surfaces and water making them a great multi-purpose form of sanitation. They are often used in hospitals as well as in pharmaceutical settings and food preparation areas.

A UV light steriliser is a great option for many reasons. It is non-chemical meaning it can be used in areas in which harsh chemicals or liquid disinfectants may not be suitable.

This includes workstations where keyboards and other electrical devices are used. It provides constant sanitation meaning people can use the same devices without having to disinfect in between.

Germicidal lights also provide a passive form of sanitation, as you do not have to operate them. They will work to disinfect air and surfaces with little interference from yourself, meaning you can leave them to work and not have to worry about them.

They automatically detect when areas need to be treated and will turn on and off when needed. This means they are a great option for areas where sanitation is important but may sometimes be forgotten about. Especially in busy settings that receive a lot of traffic.

This means you don’t have to rely on others to disinfect areas after they have been used and can simply install UVC lighting which will take care of the job for you.

While these lights are amazing and a great addition, it is important to still remember to do manual cleaning in areas where this is possible to maximise the cleanliness of an area.

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