28w anti drug light


Our 28w Anti-drug light bulkhead fitting are designed to be used in areas were there is a drug problem.
The anti drug lights are for use to defer intravenous drug  use  in  public  spaces.
The clinical blue light makes it much harder to see the blood vein, deterring the miss use of  drugs.

                                                                                    Lots of public toilets have anti drug lights for this specific reason.



The Ant-druglight bulkhead can come in a round or square fitting
The round fitting is 250mm in diameter and 95mm high
The square fitting is 250mm square 95mm high
both fitting are IP66 rated with a clear Perspex plastic lens
held in place with screws
The chase body is made from hard plastic and come in black or white
voltage supply 240volts
current 4 Mamps / 1watt
Can be supplied with  emergency gear if needed .


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