16W 2D LED Drug Light Replacement

Anti drug lamps are used to prevent drug users from injecting into their blood veins easily.
The clinical blue light makes it hard to see the blood vein, deterring the drug user


LED Anti Drug Light

Our specially crafted 2D LED anti-drug lights are designed to replace the old 2D 16W fluorescent square tube.

They are designed to give out the right wavelength to combat drug users in a given area.

There are 24 high-powered deep blue LEDs on a PCB board.

It is the same size as a 16w-2d tube, which will fit into any 16w-2D fitting, old or new.

The unit also comes with a small 24V driver.


Installing The Drug Light

Removing the square plastic socket from the centre of the chase, plus the ballast and

If the unit has got a starter, these parts are not needed anymore.

Then stick the LED anti-drug light PCB board to the outside of the chase with the

Double-sided sticky tape is found on the back of the unit.

Wire the small driver into the main power supply. Live is the brown and blue neutral.

The yellow/green earth wire is not needed to hide the driver at the back of the chase.


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