Fly Killers

Industrial Insect Killer.

Easy to remove Glue Boards

Made  in UK


Fly Killers

A professional hygienic insect trap is used in food preparation areas. The unit is designed to be the most effective unit on the market today.

Measurements are 400 mm wide and 625 mm long. The height is only 170 mm. The fly tray is designed to give 360 degrees of light output with the two 18W UV lamps.

Fluorescent tubes and is completely waterproof for washing down purposes if needed. The flytrap 400 provides the most flexible and versatile professional fly killer on the market. With an easy to remove the plastic cover and glue boards.


Ceiling suspended, slim-line wall or discreet wall mounting options are available. Simple glue board and tube replacement.

All electrical components are completely protected from moisture. It comes with a 1-metre lead seal to the unit.

It provides 360-degree light output and ease of access for flying insects.

Designed for use with GLUPAC, pheromone impregnated glue boards with UV stabiliser.

High efficacy UV tubes.

The unit can be used open or with a plastic cover.


It is not to be used by children or people with a lack of experience and knowledge. Installation should be carried out by a service technician.


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