Traffic Light


Bespoke LED Traffic Lights

These Led Traffic Lights are 550mm tall,  base is 120mm,  40mm high.
with the leds running down each inside corner
4 sides for  ceiling hanging to give full effect see all four sides
3 sides wall mounted  where hanging is not possible
1 side  for  places with not much room to display
Made in the UK







LED traffic lights are designed to be used in restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and play centres as lighting effects.

The full coloured effect can be seen from all four sides.

The LED traffic light is 550mm tall and the base width of the unit is 120mm square with red, orange, and green coloured circles in a line on all 4 sides. The traffic light can be suspended from a ceiling or can be made to be wall-mounted.

The four-sided hanging traffic light has a 30mm diameter hole at the top of the light where it can be suspended from the ceiling by a suspension kit or chain (not provided). There is a 2 metre long black 3 core cable (0.5mm) coming out of the top of the traffic light, which is held in place with a black 12mm cable gland.

There is a three-sided traffic light version that could be fitted to a sidewall where hanging is not possible.

On one of the four sides of the traffic light, there is a removable panel that just lifts up and slides out to get easy access to the lines of LEDs and electronics inside.

Covershield also makes a single-sided LED traffic light for wall mounting purposes where there  is not much room to display.

Can be used to light up corridors  to match  your own colour scheme.

The unit is 550mm tall, 120mm wide and the body 40mm high.

The picture shows just the front part of the traffic light with the backing wall mounting plate.

The traffic lights are entirely made at Covershield premises in the North West of England in the UK. Made from mild steel cut to shape and folded, spot welded, powder coated, and then assembled together.

The colours are made up of coloured plastic filters  Red, Amber, Green, inserted into the panels.


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