Changing a LED panel to a coloured panel to go inside the LED  panel lights and LED panel ceiling lights.
It does not matter  what shape or size the panel  are.

We have good selection of colours that can be cut out for  all types of panels.

The filters are a great way to change colours cost affectively.

If you want to change the colour scheme  on your panels we can supply the material .






We can laser cut any shape of coloured filter you require. The filter can go over a light fitting or inside a light fitting.

Ideal for colouring LED Panel Lights and LED Panel Light Boards.

Using filters give you more choice of colours and is the most  cost effective way  of producing the effect you require and cheaper than buying new Led panels.

We cut filters for any project as we have are own laser cutter so no matter how big or small. just give us a call.


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