Slimline LEDs


The Slimline Lighting System is designed for everyone, from those with an imagination and flare for personal style in design and architecture, to those looking for a more general-purpose light for everyday use, such as in a garage.

The SLS is a lot more energy-efficient and low-maintenance than the old-fashioned linear fluorescent tube fittings.

The SLS is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems, and it is also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost.

The SLS system is easy to use, plug in and go light system



Slimline Lighting System

The SLS default CRI colour is daylight (5700k). However, this can be changed to meet specifications. The lighting system is simple to assemble and use.

The SLS, with a width of 36mm and a height of 36mm, can produce a range of continuous linear lighting.

550 mm long with an output of 8000 lums

1100mm long with a 16000 lums output

1650mm long with a lumen output of 24000

The SLS runs on 240V or 110V and can be adapted to run on 24V.

The SLS aluminium profile chase is available in a variety of colour finishes to meet the customer’s needs.

The SLS diffuser is available in either opal or clear lens.

The SLS fitting can be suspended or surface mounted.

The SLS can run in a single line up to 25 metres on one connection.

The SLS can be connected in a variety of shapes.

Looking for something different?

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The slimline lighting system is intended for anyone with a creative eye and a unique sense of style when it comes to room design and architecture.

From more general-purpose types of light like a garage

With its easy way of plugging in and going method,

The SLS can be made to run on dali control gear.

In comparison to the old traditional system, the new system is more energy efficient and requires less maintenance.

linear fluorescent tube type fittings.

It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and is also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost.

The SERA STL331 Continuous LED Linear Light is exclusively designed for the architect and designer with imagination and personal style.

  • LED light source rated at 45 watts per section
  • Available in 540mm, 1080mm, and 1620mm lengths.
  • 36mm wide
  • Integrated LED Driver, also known as dali
  • daylight (5700k) light.
  • Finished in a choice of colours, Call us for other finishes.
  • Up to 25m in a single run with one feed
  • Suspended, surface, or embedded mounting options

Example: In order to make a 4.5m length, you need 1 x First, 1 x Last, and 1 x Middle section.

It includes all suspension kits and connectors required.

Looking for a suspended rectangle or square? See our standard suspended and recessed LED linear lighting.

Looking for something slightly different? Call us at 01704-841073 or send us an email.

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slimline lighting

1100mm long, 1650mm long, 550mmm long


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