T8 Fluorescent Light Cover Protectors



The Covershield T8 polycarbonate tube cover is made to contain all the glass particles if the fluorescent tube is broken.

It meets all the regulations for health and safety regulations.

It includes two end caps.


To prevent glass fragments from contaminating food areas, use T8 clear covers.

Farm Quality Assurance, Food Standards Agency (FSA), and International Food Standards (IFS) compliance.

inline with health and safety regulations.

Our Protected Covers will fit all types of T8 linear fluorescent tubes and led tubes on the market.

Ideal for use in offices, schools, hospitals, shops, factories and catering establishments.

These tube protector covers provide a simple and cost-effective solution to guard against food contamination and offer protection against accidental tube breakage and injury within the workplace.

Safety and hygiene in the workplace have become a major issue, particularly where exposed lighting is concerned. Our tube protectors are recommended to meet agricultural quality assurance guidelines and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to protect fluorescent light in sensitive areas and satisfy farm assurance inspections.


A protector cover is a polycarbonate clear tube cut to the required length to easily fix a T8 fluorescent tube or LED tube. It comes with two plastic end caps, which slip over the plastic polycarbonate tube.


Easy to install.

The protector cover will slip over the T5 fluorescent lamp in seconds and is sealed with non-toxic end caps, ensuring all glass and toxic compounds are safely contained within the unit. The protector sleeves are fully reusable, making them a very cost-effective cover.


Technical Data

It is made from clear polycarbonate material.

The T8 Protector clear covers are 28 mm in diameter.

Covers will stop 350 nanometer ultra-violet light emissions from fluorescent tubes.

The transmission of light is unequalled at 97% of the total output.

The melting temperature of the protector is 135 degrees.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (01704841073) or sales@covershield.co.uk.


Additional information

Tube size

8w 1ft, 16w, 18w 2ft, 30w 3ft, 36w 4ft, 38w, 58w 5ft, 70w 6ft


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