Coloured Covers to Fit T12 Fluorescent Tube



Are T12 coloured cover is a Clear 40mm diameter polycarbonate plastic cover with a coloured filter gel  inside the clear plastic tube,
all coloured filter gels are cut to the fluorescent tube wattage size of your selected.


A colour T12 sleeve to go over all types of T12 fluorescent tubes.
There are over 50 different colours to choose from.
Easy to install.
Inline with all hearth and safety regulation .
Can be used again if the tube gets broken.

Additional information


Bright Blue 141, chrom orange 179, Dark Green 124, dark green124, Daylight Blue 165, Deep Lavender 170, deep orange 158, Deep Purple 797, Fern Green 122, fire 019, flame red 164, flesh pink 192, gold amber 134, Jade 323, Kelvin 242, Lagoon Blue 172, Light Lavender 052, light red 182, lime green 088, mag- magenta 785, magenta113, Midium Blue 132, midum red 027, Moss Green 089, N0 Colour blue 144, Peacock blue 115, primary red 106, prink pink 128, Quarter CTB 203, Rose Purple 048, Sky Blue 068, sp m lavender 343, Steel Blue 117, Steel Green 728, straw 103, Summer Blue 140, Tokyo Blue 071, True Blue 196, Violet 344, Zenith Blue 195

Tube size

20w 2ft, 30w 3ft, 40w 4ft, 65w 5ft, 85w 6ft, 125w 8ft, 100w 8ft


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