Drum Lighting


Bespoke Drum  lights or sometimes called washing machine drum lights. They are 500mm in diameter and are shaped like a cylinder that has a 350mm hole at one end and a blanking plate at the other end. They can have your logo printed on the cylinder or just holes to let the light escape.

Comes in various colours.  Can also be adapted for your needs Please call for any queries you may have.



Drum Lighting

The drum is 350mm tall and can be suspended from the ceiling with 3 suspension kits or just chains [chains not included].

Around the sides of the drum light, there are 6 banks of 72 holes, each 10mm in diameter. The design can be modified to include your own design details or even your own logo. The drum lights come in various colours: red, yellow, blue, green, or a colour of your choice.

The industrial-looking drum lights would look great in commercial spaces, restaurants, offices, kitchens or café bars.  Would look great in Retro venues. They are easy to install and to wipe down and keep clean.

The drum lights can be adapted to run on different types of lighting effects like light bulbs, LED panels, or circle tubes.

The drum lights are entirely made at Covershield premises in the North West of England in the UK. Made from mild steel cut to shape on a laser cutter, rolled and spot welded together, then powder coated, and then the electrics are assembled together.

If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@covershield.co.uk


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