Coloured LED Stick Light


Our Led stick light are designed for linear coloured effects ideally used in  night clubs or shop window displays art displays. Can be used  vertically or in  horizontal position.
The led light comes in numerous colours and lengths to achieve the colour effect you require with a 300 degree linear light angle.
The lighting effect is very close to a neon light effect.
The units can be made to work at 12 or 24 volts DC and the longer led stick light could even work on 48v DC if needed .
We also supply a 240v mains  version if required.

coloured effect stick lights

Made by Covershield in the UK.



length wattage amps lums
300mm 4w 0.3A 300
600mm 8w 0.6A 600
1000mm 13w 1.1A 1000
1200mm 16w 1.2A 1200
1500mm 20w 1.6A 1500
1600mm 22w 1.9A 1600

Can be made to the length you require



Covershield  can offer black rubber caps were the wire come out of the centre of the cap. White plastic caps have a Dc socket which can be in the centre or at the side of the end caps.
both end caps are 30mm diameter and are pushed in place on to the tube.

Led stick light with dc plug lead

A stick light with the plug at the side of the unit
stick light with a dc plug
Low voltage sticklight with black capLed stick light with black caps


Our  LED stick lights consist of our thin 12mm wide special led tape, held in place with a coloured filter  inside an strength and durability 28mm opal polycarbonate tube with  a white or black caps fastened very tightly on each end. The unit comes with a 2 m lead (can be longer if required) in either white or black. The unit comes  in a number of colours and lengths of your choice.
The units can work on 12v or 24v DC and can be made to run on 240v as well. The low voltage stick light will require a led driver which is very easy to install.

inside a led stick light showing the 12mm special led tape and coloured filterA tape showing how neatly the covershield tape filter are in the tube


240v mains power led stick light

The mains power led stick lights have a very small led driver built in to one end of the stick light with a 12mm plastic gland to hold the mains lead in place, come with a 3m lead can be made longer if required.

240v led light tube

A 1200mm long led Orange sticklight with black caps

orange low voltage led sticklight

Additional information

low Voltage sticklight

300mm, 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1600mm

Black or White Caps

Black Caps, white Caps


Bright Blue 141, chrom orange 179, Dark Green 124, dark green124, Daylight Blue 165, Deep Lavender 170, deep orange 158, Deep Purple 797, Fern Green 122, fire 019, flame red 164, flesh pink 192, gold amber 134, Jade 323, Kelvin 242, Lagoon Blue 172, Light Lavender 052, light red 182, lime green 088, mag- magenta 785, magenta113, Midium Blue 132, midum red 027, Moss Green 089, N0 Colour blue 144, Peacock blue 115, primary red 106, prink pink 128, Quarter CTB 203, Rose Purple 048, Sky Blue 068, sp m lavender 343, Steel Blue 117, Steel Green 728, straw 103, Summer Blue 140, Tokyo Blue 071, True Blue 196, Violet 344, Zenith Blue 195


12v DC, 24v DC, 48v DC, 110v AC, 240v mains power


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