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Why Summer Is The Perfect Time For Investing In Bug Zappers

Summer is in full swing and the hot weather has brought more than a few unfriendly faces. 

Bugs are everywhere during the summer months and can be a huge nuisance for everyone, whether you’re taking a walk in the park or trying to enjoy a meal, flies want to be the centre of attention.

That’s why there is no time like the present to invest in a fly zapping light for your establishment. These amazing contraptions work by attracting flies and zapping them, meaning there are far fewer bugs irritating your staff and customers.

Bug zappers work by using UV light to attract insects. This entices the bugs who will be attracted to the bright violet light and will likely head towards this light than anywhere else.

Once the insects are close enough, the light will zap them using electricity. This is usually conducted through a wire or mesh grid which surrounds the light, meaning any insects who try to fly towards the UV will unfortunately meet their fate.

When the insect flies into the light, it is electrocuted and ultimately dies, falling into the bottom of the light where there is usually a collection tray.

This makes for easy cleaning and also prevents the dead insects from accumulating on the floor. This is especially important when used in areas where food and drinks are served as it is a hygiene risk to have dead insects around consumables.

Using these preventative measures can help you to tackle the hordes of insects that swarm in the summertime and ensures your customers are happy and unbothered by flies as they enjoy their food and drinks.

It is important to exercise caution around bug zapping lights as they are electrically charged, meaning you may be electrocuted should you accidentally touch the light.

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