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What Is The Best Type Of Lights To Use In Office Buildings?

Businesses that want to encourage their employees to work in the office need to make the environment more appealing, which could be as simple as installing better office lights. 

LED ceiling panel lights or tube lights are a great choice, due to being more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights. 

As they are longer lasting and do not use excess energy, companies can save money on their electricity bills, We Work reported

At the same time, fluorescent lights are thought to trigger migraines in those who are predisposed to having them. Therefore, swapping fluorescent bulbs with LED ones will help any employees who often get migraines at work. This means they will not have to take days off to recover and can be more productive at work.

Cool lights with a white or blue tinge are better for waking staff up, improving their concentration and boosting productivity, which is why this shade is often favoured in the workplace. 

However, warmer lights, such as yellow or orange, are more relaxing, making the office a nicer place to be. 

Dedicated lighting specialist Star Davis said: “The right amount of light and the health implications of different spectrums and intensity of light are tremendously important.” 

The Spruce also recommends having task lighting as well, such as an adjustable desk lamp that can be directed on the computer or paperwork. This helps focus your attention on the object, particularly as daylight fades.

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