Do Dim Lights Cause Customers To Spend More?

Mood lighting not only creates a relaxing, romantic ambience in a restaurant, it is a great way to encourage customers to spend more.


Restaurateurs around the world who want to boost their profit margin as much as possible should consider changing their lightbulbs, fixtures or fittings, as a simple alteration in design could equate to more customer spending.


Behavioural expert James Picken from Startle told The Sun dim lights makes people more relaxed. Subsequently, patrons are not going to be so concerned about what, or how much, food or drink they order, simply as a result of the intensity of the light.


A study by restaurant solutions provider Boelter revealed that 16 to 24 per cent of customers are more likely to order healthy food if the venue is well lit. This is because bright lights increase their sensations and emotions. Therefore, it makes them more inclined to stick to their intended menu choices.


On the other hand, “dim light conversely allows customers to relax”, it stated, adding: “People dining at dimly lit tables tend to eat at a slower pace and feel more content with their dining experience.”


Therefore, not only are they more likely to order more food and drink, but if they have a better dining experience, they will tip a greater amount.


Consequently, it recommended keeping the room dimly lit from around 1800, as eating dinner out is a more “leisurely experience” that people want to enjoy.


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