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What Is The Best Light To Use For Screen Printing?

We all know that dark room lighting is needed to develop photographs, but when it comes to screen printing, what is the best light to use?

What is screen printing?

Screen printing involves forcing ink or metal through a screen to create a picture on a different surface. 

It has become a popular technique for branding sports teams or uniforms with logos or words, as the same stencil can be used over and over again. Therefore, it is ideal when making copies of the same thing. 

The method is also useful for creating multiple canvases or posters, and other textiles. 

What type of light is best for screen printing?

Anyone keen to pursue screen printing should invest in a special screen printing cover for their fluorescent tube lighting. 

These can be used in a dark room where the screens are coated in emulsion. 

The yellow filter allows the user to see clearly in the room without exposing their screens. Any premature exposure could ruin the print entirely, so it is important standard lights are not used in this situation. 

Ultra-violet (UV) LED lights are also great for screen printing, particularly when a number of products have to be created quickly.

This is because the UV light speeds up exposure when they are ready to be exposed. This means less time is required, so more products can be made at a faster pace.

UV lights also help to reduce electricity use, as they are more energy efficient. They also need to be on for less time, as exposure is sped up. Therefore, they mean businesses can benefit from lower bills. 

In addition to this, they are known for being consistent and accurate, fully penetrating the emulsion on nearly every print. Therefore, they are incredibly reliable at producing a high standard with each use.

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