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The Importance Of Creating A No-Fly Zone

If you own a business in the hospitality sector then you’ll know just how important it is to keep your space clean, hygienic and free from pests. After all, the last thing you need is customers arriving at your establishment, only to be greeted by swarms of germ-carrying flies.

Here we take a look at the damage allowing flies to thrive can do to your business, and we’ll also offer a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to this issue. 

The Disease-Carrying Culprits

Flies, especially house flies and fruit flies, carry a plethora of diseases and bacteria. These airborne insects can pick up germs and pathogens from various unsanitary sources before transferring them to food, utensils and surfaces in your business.

Just a few of the common diseases associated with flies include food poisoning, E. coli, and salmonella, so the potential risk this poses to the health of your customers and staff is significant.

Considering all this, it’s clear to see that having flies in your establishment is neither safe nor clean.

Compliance With Health And Safety Standards

In the UK, hospitality businesses must abide by strict health and safety standards to ensure the safety of their customers. Failure to do so could put your business’s future at risk.

These health and safety regulations cover many critical areas such as food hygiene and cleanliness. Allowing flies, which could carry pathogens and make your customers sick,  to roam freely not only violates these standards but also puts your establishment at risk of fines and closure.

The best way for business owners to look at health and safety regulations is not merely as rules they must follow to stay out of trouble. Instead they should treat these regs as a fundamental element of customer safety and satisfaction, which puts your business on a good footing and ensures those who use your business want to return.

Customer Perception

Let’s face it, flies in your establishment aren’t a good look. When customers visit your business, quite rightly they expect a certain level of cleanliness. The presence of flies buzzing about all over the place can quickly leave a bad impression.

As well as creating an unpleasant atmosphere, the presence of flies may well lead to negative online reviews and negative word-of-mouth comments. Hospitality businesses work hard to build up their reputation, and a few negative reviews can go a long way to tarnishing your image.

The Benefits Of Fly Killers

The good news is that you don’t have to tolerate the presence of flies in your business. Fly killers are highly effective in eradicating these pests and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. 

Using various methods such as UV light and adhesive boards, these devices trap and kill flies instantly. You can place them pretty much anywhere you like and some business owners like to position them where flies are likely to be such as near doors or close to lights.

By incorporating fly killers, you can ensure your business space remains fly-free, protecting your reputation and keeping customers and staff safe from the harmful germs and bacteria these insects carry.

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