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Make Midges History This Summer

The summer is a great time for people to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is walks in the countryside, visits to music festivals or summer sports like cricket and tennis, there is nothing like being out in the sun and enjoying the seasonal warmth.


Unfortunately, this perspective is shared by lots of biting insects who treat this time of year as a time to sink their tiny jaws into any mammal they come across, fuelling themselves as they prepare to breed the next generation of airborne vampires. The further north you are, the more you are likely to encounter midges, the most notorious flying pests of all.


It wouldn’t be such an issue if they only went after livestock, but while many people like to sit outside pubs and restaurants eating and drinking, they are in turn on the menu for midges and other biting bugs.


The solution is to be found in an electric fly killer. While your umbrella stands may have heaters attached in colder weather, fixing up fly killers to attract and eliminate the bugs can go a long way towards eliminating the clouds of nasty pests that loom like a mini Luftwaffe over their intended victims. It can also deal with that larger and truly horrible menace, the horsefly.


Indeed, it is no exaggeration to state that your establishment may gain more custom as a result, since the reduction in the airborne peril will make eating outdoors a much more attractive prospect.


Of course, summer brings plenty of other flies and wasps, which can pose a stinging threat or just the prospect of contaminating your food with their vile vomit-drop ways of liquidising it. A fly killer can help with this too.  


Later in summer, as the weather begins to cool, many people will still want to eat or drink outside. But that is when the wasps will start to get agitated and be more likely to sting, so eliminating them is a good way of reducing the risk of a night out being memorable for the wrong reasons.


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