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How Different Lighting Can Set The Mood For Your Restaurant

Lighting plays a huge part in setting the right mood, tone and environment for your establishment. Working out what fits best for you can help create a magical and enjoyable experience for your colleagues and customers.

Regardless of the theme or vibe, restaurants often opt for low, warm lighting to create a cosy, intimate environment.

Having bright, fluorescent lighting while people are eating can often make them feel uncomfortable or unsettled. 

While amazing at brightening a space and making it seem larger, these bright lights can be very harsh and often expose everything around them, meaning customers who are eating meals may feel overexposed. 

Choosing to use dimmer, warmer lighting naturally creates a more relaxing space for customers. However, don’t feel you have to settle for standard, yellow-toned lighting. You can still add your own unique twist to it. 

If you own a laid-back, casual eatery, having a varied supply of lighting in the form of lamps and other standalone lights can help to maximise the chilled-out feel and give a homely and relaxing impression. 

If you want something more upscale and sophisticated, choosing overhead lighting in sleek and stylish fixtures that take full advantage of the moody and intimate feel dim lighting gives can add an edge of class and mystery. 

Alternatively, having minimal lighting and choosing to use tabletop elements such as candles and lamps can also change the entire feel of the space and create a more romantic environment for those eating. 

Having a separate, differently lit area for your bar (if you have one) can also help to break up the space and bring something different to each area of the room. Bar areas don’t rely on light as much, as people don’t need to see what they are eating, therefore you can really tone it up or down as much as you desire. 

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