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Does Your Business Need Shatter-Proof Bulbs?

If you own a business then ensuring the safety of both your staff and customers is obviously of paramount importance. The tricky part about running a business is staying on top of every aspect of health and safety as this is a far-reaching area so there’s a lot to consider.

One such area you need to think about is lighting. Indeed, the lights and bulbs you choose for your business are important not just for aesthetics and setting the tone, but you’ll also need to make sure the ones you select are safe.

This is where shatter-proof glass comes in. By opting for bulbs that won’t break or shatter, this helps keep yourself, your staff and your customers safe. But which businesses need these bulbs?

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into shatter-proof bulbs, including what they are, why they’re important and how they differ from regular bulbs. We’ll also reveal which businesses need to have them installed.

What Are Shatter-Proof Bulbs?

Shatter-proof bulbs, also known as shatter-resistant bulbs, are specially designed to withstand impact and resist breakage. Unlike regular bulbs, they’re covered with protective coatings or materials that shield the fragile filament. This means that even if the glass breaks, the broken pieces remain contained within the coating.

The coatings are usually made from reinforced materials such as silicone or Teflon. These are selected for their strength and durability.

Before being released to the public, these bulbs undergo stringent testing to guarantee their ability to withstand various stressors. This makes them a durable choice for businesses using them in environments where accidents or stress to the bulbs is more likely.

Here in the UK, specific business regulations make it mandatory for some companies to use shatter-proof lighting. This is mainly for establishments where the risk of broken glass poses a potential hazard to safety.

The following businesses should use shatter-proof bulbs in their light fixtures. We’ll also explain why these businesses in particular are mentioned.

Commercial Kitchens

In commercial kitchens, especially over food preparation areas, the need for shatter-proof lighting is obvious. The fast pace of these environments means that accidents are often inevitable, but ensuring any broken bulbs don’t result in glass going into food is absolutely crucial.

So if you’re in the food business then you’ll need shatter-proof lights as they act as a shield against potential contamination and help maintain safety.

Schools And Nurseries

Schools and nurseries are full of children with boundless curiosity and energy. This means that accidental bumps and tumbles are part of the daily routine.

What’s more, toddlers and babies in particular spend a lot of time crawling on their hands and knees. So a clean environment that’s free from hazardous materials is a must, making shatter-proof bulbs a necessity.

These bulbs help to eliminate the risk of broken glass and potential injuries, providing a safer environment for the little ones to explore and interact.

Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to hospitals or other healthcare facilities like care homes, a sterile environment is vital. This is why you’ll often find shatter-proof lights in areas such as operating rooms and patient wards. 

These bulbs help to mitigate the risk of glass contamination in sensitive medical settings, which ensures the well-being of not just the patients but also the healthcare professionals working in these environments.

Nightclubs And Music Venues

With beats pulsating and speakers blaring, having shatter-proof lighting in nightclubs is crucial – unless you want to run the risk of showering your punters with broken glass, that is!

And that’s not the only reason it’s important to have coated glass in places like pubs, clubs or live music venues. With many customers often intoxicated, this can lead to many accidental bumps or incidents. So having shatter-proof bulbs acts as a safeguard against this, keeping everyone inside safe.

Gyms And Fitness Centers

Gyms or fitness centres are places where rigorous movement and physical activity are performed non-stop. This makes the likelihood of accidents or breakages high.

That means these environments benefit from this type of lighting as it helps make sure gym goers enjoy a safe and hazard-free workout.

So those are some of the businesses that should have shatter-proof lighting. Obviously, there are more, but it would be impossible to list every type of business here. If you believe your workspace would benefit from these types of lighting then get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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