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3 Main Benefits From Low Voltage Lighting

When it comes to kitting out an office or retail space, one of the biggest considerations to make is the lighting. 

After all, this can have a significant effect on the mood and presentation of your space, impacting everything from customer behaviour to productivity to adherence to health and safety requirements.

Over the last few years, low voltage lighting has become a common choice among businesses. Here we’ll take a look at this lighting solution and the benefits it brings to see what makes it so popular.

What Is Low Voltage Lighting?

The tale of low voltage lighting began with the invention of 12v halogen bulbs, which rivalled its mains voltage counterparts in brightness and performance. 

While the era of halogen lighting gracefully bows out, low voltage lighting steps into the limelight, kitted out with the energy-efficient garb of LED technology.

In a departure from the conventional 230v mains voltage lighting, low voltage lighting is now mounting a takeover, enchanting consumers far and wide with its array of benefits. 

Its modus operandi involves the use of an LED driver or transformer, which creates a reduction in voltage from 230v to 24v, 12v, or even lower. 

Where Is Low Voltage Lighting Used?

Originating as a solution for secure outdoor landscape lighting, this technology has gracefully made its way indoors. These days you will find this type of lighting solution being used in homes, offices and commercial spaces. 

Low voltage lighting can be found elegantly gracing any spaces where a touch of creativity, safety and efficiency is required (or desired). So you’re likely to find it anywhere from ambient living rooms to chic office interiors, creating a mystical radiance wherever it’s found.


Low voltage lighting really shines when it comes to safety. With significantly less current coursing through the light fittings, the risk of getting on the wrong end of a jolting electric shock is dramatically reduced. 

This not only provides a safer ambiance for indoor lighting but also makes it the go-to choice for outdoor setups, facing down rain and moisture without posing any hazards.


The magic of low voltage lies in its ability to downsize bulbs, meaning many different lighting designs are possible. 

These petite fittings unlock the potential to illuminate smaller, snug spaces that would otherwise stay dark due to the challenges of lighting up safely or stylishly. 

The lower voltage doesn’t just light up a room, but it illuminates the various nukes and crannies, transforming the appearance and ambiance of a space.

Long Lifespan

The third and final benefit of low voltage lighting is its longevity. This is especially true with LED lighting, as the fusion of versatile options and lower wattage is the perfect recipe for bulbs that defy the test of time. 

They demand less energy to cast the same radiant glow, so in a world where incandescent and halogen bulbs are starting to fade into oblivion, LEDs are now taking the stage due to the fact they’re more cost-effective and last longer.

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