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Why Nightclubs Need Anti-Drug Lights

These days, it is standard to see anti-drug lighting in nightclub restrooms, with owners wanting to deter clubbers from taking part in illegal activity on their premises. 


The reason it does this is because the blue hue from anti-drug lights makes it more difficult for drug users to see their veins.


While this doesn’t rule out all types of drug use, it does help remove certain activity from the venue.


This is the type of activity that club managers do not want to be dealing with, as it could put them at risk of closure, particularly if something goes wrong. 


London club Fabric knows all too well about this, as it was made to shut after two teens overdosed on drugs in 2016 when clubbing there. 


It is thought the boys had taken MDMA on the premises, which turned out to be a fatal decision. 


Since getting closed, Fabric had to undergo a transformation, only being able to open once it installed extra lighting and ID scanners, and introduced more security. 


Despite this incident happening six years ago, young people are continuing to take risks when going out clubbing. 


This was seen when a 16-year-old girl died after taking a drug in a club in Devon last month. 


She was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital but was unable to be saved, Bracknell News revealed


Detective chief inspector Lee Nattrass told the paper the victim was not the only one who had been intoxicated that night, and several teens had admitted to taking drugs too.

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