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Why Anti-Drug Lights Is Nightclub Hit

Nightclub owners who want to crack down on the amount of recreational drugs that are taken in their premises should consider fitting anti-drug lighting, as thiss make it more difficult for drug users to see what they are doing.


The LED lights work by giving out a deep blue hue when turned on. This makes it harder for people to see their blood veins, which means people who turn up at the club intending to inject drugs will not be able to.


No nightclub wants to have a reputation for hardcore drug use going on inside or outside its premises, which is what famous London club Fabric found out earlier this year.


It had been forced to shut and lost its licence after two teenagers died of drug overdoses at the venue in 2016, The Guardian reported, with the young men having taken MDMA at the club.


Fabric, subsequently, underwent a massive facelift after Islington Council insisted it would re-issue the licence if the club implemented 32 new conditions, My London News revealed. These included having an over-19s policy, ID scanners, more security, a no drug policy, and extra lighting.


Those caught dealing, buying, being possession of or taking drugs in or around the club would be banned for life.


Since it re-opened, it has completely changed its reputation. Speaking with the publication, 24-year-old Daniel from East London said: “I’ve been to Fabric a few times and can’t believe in the past it was known for drugs. It has changed and I find it to be one of the best and safest clubs in London.”

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