Safety Tips for Using UV Light Sanitisers

UV sterilising lights are an eco-friendly way to keep your workplace sanitised and help eradicate the COVID-19 virus. They can be used to sterilise shared surfaces, smartphones, keyboards and laptops, doorknobs, furniture and many other items.


As the guidance for working from home is lifted and people slowly return to the office, it is important to ensure workers that the premises are clean, and you have implemented enhanced hygiene procedures to keep employees safe. However, you must know how to use your UV light steriliser safely.

We have some tips to help maximise the benefits of UV light sterilisation while keeping yourself and others safe.


1. Learn how to use the device

Before installing the UV light steriliser, read the manual carefully, and learn how to turn it on and off. Make a note of any built-in features that are there for your protection in the case of accidental exposure.


2. Install the device in the right place

Carefully choosing a strategic place to install the device will help you utilise the maximum capabilities of the device. You want an open place with no obstacles that will block the light.


3. Choose the optimum time

To maximise the efficiency of the device, use it before a room is due to be used, or immediately afterwards.


4. Ensure no one is present in the room during use

UV radiation is harmful to humans, so make sure that there is no one in the room when it is switched on.


5. Never look directly at the UV lamp

Looking at the lamp can damage your eyes and cause the formation of pterygium, cataracts, and pinguecula. Look if the sanitising device includes safety features that minimise the exposure chances.


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