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Tel Aviv Study Shows LED Bulbs Can Kill 99% Of Coronaviruses

A recent study has shown LED lights can be effective at killing Covid-19. 

Researchers from Tel Aviv University looked at the efficiency of ultraviolet-LED irradiation at varying wavelengths or frequencies on coronaviruses.

The scientists, led by professor Hadas Mamame, head of the Environmental Engineering Program at Tel Aviv University’s School of Mechanical Engineering, discovered a length of 285 nanometers was effective at killing the virus. 

Professor Mamane said: “We discovered that it is quite simple to kill the coronavirus using LED bulbs that radiate ultraviolet light.”

The researchers found LEDs with wavelengths of 285 nm were almost as efficient as those with a wavelength of 265 nm, being able to kill nearly all (99.9 per cent) of the viruses in fewer than 30 seconds. 

This is relevant because 285 nm LED bulbs are much cheaper and more easily available than 265 nm ones. 

“Our research has commercial and societal implications, given the possibility of using such LED bulbs in all areas of our lives, safely and quickly,” Professor Mamane stated. 

The findings are substantial, as LED bulbs could be installed in air conditioning, water or vacuum systems. They can then disinfect large surface areas quickly, reducing the spread of coronaviruses. 

However, the scientists have advised not to try this method at home, as it works more effectively if the person is not directly exposed to the LED tube lights

Since the pandemic struck, more than 690 million cases of coronavirus have been recorded. While 662 million fully recovered, there have been almost seven million deaths over the last three years.

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