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Streetlights Switch To LED To Save Energy

The importance of energy efficiency has been hammered home in recent months, both because of the impact of rising fuel bills on household budgets and the impact on the environment of excessive energy use highlighted by events such as COP26.


While much of this may depend on factors few can control, such as global oil and gas prices or government-level agreements on the environment, there are steps everyone from households to the most local levels of government can do.


The latter has been in evidence in the case of Worcestershire County Council this month, which has announced the replacement of another 20,000 street lights with LED lighting. This is in addition to the 35,000 street lights where the switch has already taken place.


Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways and Transport Councillor Alan Amos said: “Investment in street lighting will improve both the quality of the illumination whilst reducing the county’s light pollution and energy consumption.’’


The benefits both to the environment and the quality of lighting are both good news for anyone seeking an LED Ceiling panel light. As it is greener, cheaper to run and offers higher quality illumination, it will be an invaluable investment.


Just how much using LRD bulbs can trim energy bills by was outlined by property expert Natalie Mitchell from HomeHow, the Daily Mirror reported.


She explained: “Although LED bulbs are slightly more expensive to buy, they use 80 per cent less electricity, can save households £232 a year and reduce 5kg of your home’s carbon dioxide emissions.”


In addition, Ms Mitchell noted, British households waste £4.4 billion a year just by leaving lights on unnecessarily – showing just how costly non-LED lights are to run.


While you might not have to run an entire county’s street lighting service, it is clear you can certainly save plenty of money by relying on LED for your lighting needs.

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