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Covershield are one of the UK’s premiere suppliers of LED tube lighting. We believe LED lighting is definitely the way forward in contemporary lighting. Not only are LED lights diverse, allowing for all sorts of automation and modification, they are bright, energy efficient and lend themselves to easy adaptation, unlike their older counter parts. Unlike their old counter parts, LEDs do not use vacuums or filaments to provide light, they emit light from a diode, a single piece of hardware that emits light in the right conditions. This what makes LED so durable, the small little piece of hardware otherwise known as a light emitting diode. An LED tube light has an array of these diodes, stretching from one end to the other, one of the real world implications of this is that the LED tube is far less fragile, you can’t damage the filament by a simple knock, and there’s no way to compromise the vacuum as there isn’t one.


Not only are our LED tubes they more durable, but they last significantly longer, an LED tube light can often operate through 50,000 hours of use, in real terms that’s 11 years if you have it on at least half of the time, making it last up to 10 times longer than a standard energy saving bulb.

Our LED tube and cylinder lights are a perfect addition for any business, offering a gentle light that ambiently fills the room, with enough volume and power to help carry out any sort of work you may be doing, whether you’re in a workshop, a retail store or even just a plain old office, the LEDs we use are produced in the UK businesses, as we are proud of our British heritage.


Due to our speciality coverings, you can utilise these tube lights in multiple ways, allowing you to check for drugs, create a dark room with LED technology, as opposed to the traditional fluorescent red lights, you can even check out our waterproof IP66 tube lights below, which can not only serve many purposes but are 100% waterproof.


Waterproof linear Led Cylinder Lighting

6400 lums fitting

Our stunning IP66 waterproof LED industrial cylinder light fittings are perfect for today’s environments, with its slim design and amazing light output. Constructed in the UK using the latest electronics and LEDs technology on the market today, it has an outstanding energy efficiency on running costs compared to other similar LED fittings on the market within the UK.

The IP66 waterproof LED Cylinder has the capability to be used in damp and dusty or wet conditions, withstanding the shocks and vibrations of everyday life makes it outperform any T8 fluorescent tubes fittings and even the T5 fittings. The IP66 waterproof Cylinder is a perfect replacement fitting with its easy to install in most places capabilities, with just two plastic terry clips it complies with IEC and FCC electrical and safety standards.

Idea for Industrial CNC Machinery ,Factories and Work Places,retail led light

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24v ip65 cylinder light

LED cylinder light installed over a work area on suspention cables lighting up everthing on a work bench and completey safe .


The IP66 outputs high LEDs with a wide beam angle of 135 degrees and a colour temperature of 6500k with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, dependent on the ambient temperature of the installed location and no possibility of metal corrosion. Made in a range of voltages including 50v, 110v to 240 AC and if required can be dimmable, comes with a 3 year warranty on the LEDS and electronics. Operating temperature -40C to +50C (-40f to +122f)


The cylinder lights is held in place with two specially designed plastic terry clips, which simply clicked in place holding the unit secure, with the capability of easily adjusting the beam of light in the direction you need the light to focus on. If needed can is supply with galvansized metal guard to go over the fitting for add protection.


The 50mm plastic end caps come in two colours, white or black,which has two groves in the wall of the end cap where there is rubber O-ring neatly sealing the unit when the endcap is push inside the end of the 52mm cylinder light tube One end cap has a sealed plastic gland for the mains cable to go through.

black water 50mm end caps white 60mm end caps


Are made from a type of springable plastic which will bend when inserting the light fitting into the clip. The outer diameter of the plastic clip with the fitting in place is 60mm width.

black 50mm plactic clip white 50mm plactic clip white 50mm plactic clip cylinder guard

Linear Led Cylinder lights

Code Length Current Watts Lum
Cyl30 320mm 0.07mA 14w 2100
Cyl60 600mm 0.035mA 35w 6400
Cyl120 1140mm 0.7mA 60w 12800
Cyl150 1680mm 0.3mA 78w 13000
Cyl160 1680mm 0.7mA 148w 20,000
Cyl220 2210mm 0.15mA 140w 25,600


The smallest unit in our remarkable rang is are Cyl30 which is only 320mm with a impressive lumens output of 2100 lum, which is 5 time brighter than a normal 8w T5 fluorescent tube fitting and roughly using the same amount energy. The unit consist of three lines of very bright LEDS, mounted smartly robust C shape aluminum heat sink chassis with all the wires and electronics very neatly contain inside the chassis.


This waterproof fitting is only 600mm long with a impressive 6400 lumens running at 24watts close to 5 times brighter than a normal 18w T8 fluorescent tube and 5 times brighter than 24w T5 fluorescent tube roughly using the same amount of power.


This waterproof fitting is only 4ft 1140mm long with a unbelievable 12800 lumens running at 240 volts at 60watts. Just a bit smaller in length than the 36w battens type fitting but makes up for it with a overwhelming 3 times brighter than normal 36w T8 fluorescent tube and 4 time brighter than a 28w T5 fluorescent tube. using slightly more energy


This type of unit is designed to replace the old 80 T5 or the 58w batten fitting . The fitting is a bit length has the normal 58w batten fitting at a total length of 1680mm with a unbelievable 14000 lums running at 240v 78watts. more than twice has bright as the normal 80w T5 fluorescent tube and even 3 times as bright than a 58w fluorescent tube and even more impressive uses less energy to do that


This waterproof fitting is the brightest unit in are fantastic range of its size with a incredible 20000 lums runs 240v 150w in a unit which is only1680 mm long a bit longer than a normal 5ft batten ,but striking 3 time as bright as the normal 80w T5 fluorescent tube and about 4 time brighter than a 58w T8 fluorescent for areas which do need a lot of light


This is the longest fitting in are range of cylinder light ,2210 mm long 200mm shorter than a T12 8ft fluorescent tube with a unbelievable 25600 lums, 3 time as bright as the normal 8ft T12 fluorescent tube