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6400 lums fitting

Waterproof linear LED Cylinder Lights

6400 lums fitting



24v ip65 cylinder light

Very bright IP65 LED linear Cylinder light fitting

A range of rugged solid state LED linear cylinder lights are designed with a state of the art electronic driver technology and uniform bright high powered LEDS, designed specifically for running this application giving a unbelievable energy efficiency on saving energy to other forms of lighting. Designed in such away to make it highly resistance to shock and vibration.

24v ip65 cylinder light

The Ip65 rated end caps inside toughened enclosed clear or opal plastic tube makes it perfect for dusty damp wet condition. The LED unit has superior design allow for wiring and mounting versatility and ease installation for all most any application, in a new fixing or replacing a old type batten fluorescent fitting.
Complies with IEC and FCC electrical and safety standards.

24v ip65 cylinder light

The high-brightness LEDS has a wide beam angle of 140 degrees and a colour temperature ranging from 2800k to 6000k with a life expected of over 100,000 hours depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location and there is no possibility of metal corrosion for low maintenance,
It comes with a 5-year warranty on the LEDS and electronics.

24v ip65 cylinder light

The unit is held in place with two tough specially designed plastic terry clips, which simply clicked in place holding the unit secure.
with the capability of easily adjust the beam of light in the direction you need the light to be focussed on.
Can be made in range of voltages from 24v AC/DC to 240 AC and be dimmable as well and fantastic black or white colour. the unit comes in a number if sizes to suit the application you need.
Operating temperature -40C to +50C (-40f to +122f)

Led cylinder light fitting Led cylinder light fitting

If needed can be supply with galvansized metal guard to go over the fitting for add protection.


The led light fitting is ideally used boats or on lath machinery and milling machines, printering machines, in places where you need to washing down
can be in stalled in a small area


50mm white plastic waterproof endcap


The 50mm plastic end caps come in two colours, white or black,which has two groves in the wall of the end cap where there is rubber Oring
neatly sealing the unit when the endcap is push inside the end of the 52mm cylinder light
On one end caps there is a water proof plastic gland for the mains cable to go through.

black water 50mm end caps
white 60mm end caps


Are made from a type of springable plastic which will bend when inserting the light fitting into the clip.
The outer diameter of the plastic clip with the fitting in place is 60mm width.

black 60mm Terry clip



Picture of an cylinder light showing a 12mm plastic gland sealed inside the black endcap

white 30mm end caps

A single cyl160 led cylinder light intall in on a suspention cable lighting up work shop area with its 20000 lums
to see everthing on the work bench and completey safe

320mm Led cylinder light fitting

Two cyl150 led cylinders used in a work area,were people need to see what they are doing when using machine.

320mm Led cylinder light fitting


24v led Cylinder lights

Code Length AC/DC Current lum
cyl12 320mm 12v 350mA 1100
Cyl24 320mm 24v 700mA 2100
Cyl48 620mm 24v 700mA 2200
Cyl96 1180mm 24v/48v 1.4mA 4400


24v DC IP65 led light unit

24v AC IP65 led light unit

240v linear led Cylinder lights

Code Length Current watts lum
cyl30 320mm 0.07mA 14w 2100
Cyl60 600mm 0.035mA 35w 6400
Cyl120 1140mm 0.7mA 60w 12800
Cyl150 1680mm 0.3mA 78w 13000
Cyl160 1680mm 0.7mA 148w 20,000
Cyl220 2210mm 0.15ma 140w 25,600




Cyl24,Cyl30 Cylinder Light


320mm Led cylinder light fitting

320mm Led cylinder light fitting


The smallest unit in is our remarkable ip65 LED cylinder light which is only 320mm (cyl24,cyl30) with a impressive lumens output of 2100 lum, which is 5 time brighter than a normal 8w T5 fluorescent tube fitting and roughly using the same amount energy.

The unit consist of three lines of very bright LEDS, mounted smartly robust C shape aluminum heat sink chassis with all the wires and electronics very neatly contain inside the chassis.

sealed very smartly inside a tough clear 52mm plastic tube, with a Ip65 rated waterproof plastic end caps sealing each end of the tube and a plastic gland mounted in one of the end caps. Come with a one metre black or white cable, could be longer if required, making the unit very simply to install than other units on the market today .

320mm Led cylinder light fitting


Held in place with two 65mm wide plastic terry clips with the capability of easily adjust the beam of light in the direction, you need the light to be focussed on. The unit housing is available in two colours black or white. Can be made to run on AC or DC current with a wide voltage range for 12v to 240v.

operating temperature -40 to +50(-40f to +122f)


Used ideally on cnc machinery and sea going vessels. ideally small and dark to get place





2ft ip65 cylinder light

This waterproof fitting is only 600mm long with a impressive 6400 lumens running at 240watts close to 5 times brighter than a normal 18w T8 fluorescent tube and 5 times brighter than 24w T5 fluorescent tube roughly using the same amount of power.



240v 1140mm ip65 cylinder light


This waterproof fitting is only 4ft1140mm long with a unbelievable 12800 lumens running at 240 volts at 60watts. Just a bit smaller in length than the 36w battens type fitting but makes up for it with a overwhelming 3 times brighter than normal 36w T8 fluorescent tube and 4 time brighter than a 28w T5 fluorescent tube. using slightly more energy



240v ip65 cylinder light

This type of unit is designed to replace the old 80 T5 or the 58w batten fitting . The fitting is a bit length has the normal 58w batten fitting at a total length of 1680mm with a unbelievable 14000 lums running at 240v 78watts. more than twice has bright as the normal 80w T5 fluorescent tube and even 3 times as bright than a 58w fluorescent tube and even more impressive uses less energy to do that




This waterproof fitting is the brightest unit in are fantastic range of its size with a incredible 20000 lums runs 240v 150w in a unit which is only1680 mm long a bit longer than a normal 5ft batten ,but striking 3 time as bright as the normal 80w T5 fluorescent tube and about 4 time brighter than a 58w T8 fluorescent for areas which do need a lot of light




8ft ip65 cylinder light

This is the longest fitting in are range of cylinder light ,2210 mm long 200mm shorter than a T12 8ft fluorescent tube with a unbelievable 25600 lums, 3 time as bright as the normal 8ft T12 fluorescent tube




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