T5 drug lights covers


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Tube size

8w 1ft, 8w, 13w 21in, 16w, 14w 2ft, 24w 2ft, 2ft, 18w 2ft, 3ft, 21w 3ft, 39w 3ft, 30w 3ft, 3ft T8, 28w 4ft, 35w 5ft, 49w 5ft, 36w 4ft, 38w, 58w 5ft, 20w 2ft, 40w 4ft, 4ft, 5ft, 80w 5ft, 65w 5ft, 6ft, 70w 6ft, 85w 6ft, 8ft, 100w 8ft, 125w 8ft


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