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Use only on smooth to semi-smooth, clean, stable, dried, and cured surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, glass, or concrete. Once applied, Modello® stencils can be used with paint, plaster, stain, metal leaf, metallic foil, concrete overlays and more to create unique decorative effects. possibilities.

stencils are cut from adhesive backed vinyl and are designed for one-time-use only. They consist of 3 layers: Vinyl Pattern, protective Backing Paper, and Transfer Tape. The Backing Paper is removed to expose the adhesive side of the pattern. Once securely installed in place, the Transfer Tape is removed to reveal the pattern ready for decoration.
stencils can be cut in one piece (tile) in sizes up to approximately 36” x 48”, dependent on the complexity of the pattern. Larger stencils will be cut into 2 or more “tiles” that are easily matched up to complete the as you install them on your surface.

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A1(597 x 841mm), A2(420x560mm), A3(297x420mm), A4(210x297mm), A5(148x210mm), A6 (105x148mm)


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