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Cyl120 IP66 Led Waterproof  fitting

Our stunning IP66  Cyl120 waterproof LED cylinder light fitting are perfect for today’s environments, with its slim design and amazing 6500 lumens light output. Constructed in the UK using the latest electronics and LEDs technology on the market today.
It has an outstanding energy efficiency on running costs compared to other similar LED fittings on the market within the UK.

The IP66 waterproof LED Cylinder has the capability to be used in damp and dusty or wet conditions, withstanding the shocks and vibrations of everyday life makes it outperform any T8 fluorescent tubes fittings and even the T5 fittings. The IP66 waterproof Cylinder is a perfect replacement fitting with its easy to install in most places with just two plastic terry clips.
This waterproof fitting is only 4ft 1140mm long with a unbelievable 12800 lumens running at 240 volts at 60watts. Just a bit smaller in length than the 36w battens type fitting but makes up for it with a overwhelming 3 times brighter than normal 36w T8 fluorescent tube and 4 time brighter than a 28w T5 fluorescent tube. using slightly more energy

The unit  leds are  mounted smartly on a robust C shape aluminum heat sink chassis with all the wires and electronics very neatly contain inside the chassis, held inside a IP66 waterproof clear plastic tube  with 2 water tight white or black end caps with a 1m pvc flex coming out of one end cap.
Led colour temperature is normal 6000k can can be changed ,please call for details (01704 841073).
Comes with 2 x 52mm plastic terry clips(white or black)
Can run on 240 or 110 volts and 
it complies with IEC and FCC electrical and safety standards.
Comes with a 1 meter 3 core lead and can be longer if required.
The led Cyl120 light can be directional .

Ideally used for machinery, convergys, washing down area,workshop, vehicle lifts, safety lighting.  

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240v with white caps, 240v with black caps, 110v with black caps, 110v with white caps


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