320mm 12v/24v IP66 Cyl24


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The smallest unit in our remarkable rang is are Cyl24 which is only 320mm with a impressive lumens output of 2500 lum, which is 5 time brighter than a normal 8w T5 fluorescent tube fitting and roughly using the same amount energy. The unit consist of four lines of very bright LEDS(2500), mounted smartly on a robust C shape aluminum heat sink chassis with all the wires and electronics very neatly contain inside the chassis.
Can be made to ran on AC or DC current
Hold inside a IP66 waterproof clear plastic tube  with 2 water tight white or black end caps with a 1m pvc flex coming out of one end cap.
Comes with 2 x 52mm plastic terry clips(white or black)
can run on 12v or 24 volts and it complies with IEC and FCC electrical and safety standards.
Comes with a 1 meter 3 core lead and can be longer if required.
The led Cyl24 light can be directional .
Led colour temperature is normal 6000k can can be changed ,please call for details(01704 841073).

Ideally used for machinery, convergys, washing down.  

Additional information

low voltage

12v DC black caps, 12v DC white caps, 12v AC white caps, 12v AC black caps, 24v DC black caps, 24v DC white caps, 24v AC white caps, 24v AC black caps


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