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2d 16w drug light


2d led drug light light to fit inside a normal 2d 16w light fitting
these led boards give specific wave length of blue design to combat drug uses in toilet and alleyways

2D 28w led Drug light


The 2d led drug light is design to replace the old 2d 28w fluorescent tube type lamp.
design to combat drug used in area were these is a problem .2d led drug light as 48 blue leds at the right wave length to combat the problem.
come with a led driver and 8 white leds to be used on emergency gear
The pcb drug led board is very to install by wiring in the power lead to the main supply and cable tie the pcb drug light to the inside of a 2d fitting .
you may need to remove the 2D 4pin socket to make the led drug light to fit properly .
The led drug light is design to fit all type of 2d 28w fitting from the new round types  to the old square types  2d fitting