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To much ultra-violet light will damage items on display

CoverShield UV FREE tubes is a polycarbonate tube with a special filters inside the tube
which two silicone end caps.
These UV free tube will fit any size fluorescent  tube on the market. 
In line with health and safety regulations .

UV400 stop 400 nanometers of ultra-violet

UV400 will stop ultra-violet light up to
400 nanometers
The transmission of light is unequalled at 94% of total output.
Use in museums, library's, archives and galleries.

UV470 stop 470 nanometers of ultra-violet

UV470 will stop ultra-violet light up to
470 nanometers

use for higher ultra-violet sensitive material but need a  light as well

UV520 stop 520 nanometers of ultra-violet

UV520 will stop ultra-violet light up to
520 nanometers

use for circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing plants.

No matter how small or large your order is

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